Wireless vs Wired Internet

Wireless vs Wired Internet

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As top telecommunication service in Canada, FollowTel Inc. wants to give you the best high-speed internet in Canada and we explain a question many ask, what is the difference between wireless and wired internet? Wireless Internet is obviously the more convenient option in the fact that you do not have wired cables, but wired on the other hand has lower latency and faster speed, and no interference.

Wired Internet connects to the Internet by a cable, regardless of the cable type, for example DSL or Cable. It is a fast connection method, the most popular and also an affordable option to most Canadians. Using FollowTel wired DSL internet for example does not have a data cap therefor would users no worry about the amount of data that they upload or download.


Which is faster?

Wired internet is faster than wireless, but often the difference is not significant depending on your location in Canada and your provider. Simply switching to wired if you are on a wireless network will not necessarily make a difference if you are worried about local connection speeds. If you want to transfer files for example from one device in your network to the same local within your network, ideally you would use wired, but internet connection does not come to play here. This is the maximum speeds what your local network in Canada provide that matters here and not connection type.


Latency and Connection Quality of Wireless and Wired Internet

The raw bandwidth does not specify the connection quality of either of these connection types, as the latency factor is more important. With a wired connection you would in most instances find the reaction time when playing games for example to be better. However, when you stream movies, the latency difference between the two connection types will not make a difference and wireless would be more than adequate although wireless has more of a delay when the signals are travelling.



A wired internet connection has less interference than wireless and although wired could experience some signal degradation, your provider could mean the difference in managing it and avoiding it. Using wireless internet allows for more interference such as other devices using wireless, objects and you will often find that your signal is weaker in specific areas even inside your home.


Which Internet Connection to Use Living in Canada?

Wireless has its advantages and wired as well and wireless obviously is useful to use across all devices from smartphone, tablet, laptop, to PC’s. It gives you the freedom to connect devices without cables and probably the best advantage it has, convenience. However looking at wired internet it is ideal for servers or a PC that sits in its place while it delivers what you want, solid and consistent internet connection. It would also depend on your location in Toronto, Canada on which option is better for you as well as the amount of time spent online and what it is that you do online.


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