Top 5 Websites to Send Large Files on Internet

Top 5 Websites to Send Large Files on Internet

There are several reasons why you might send large files online,....

There are several reasons why you might send large files online, as most freelancers often have to use large projects via the Internet. You must have had the experience on large files, which cannot be sent through usual channeled email from Google and Yahoo. Alternative websites that allows you to transfer larger files while boasting other great features are what we picked today.


Top five Websites to Transfer Large Files:



SendSpace is one of the top website with more than one plan for you to choose from. Free and no registration is the basic plan that allows you to send files of up to 300MB at once. You can download the transferred files within 30 days with this plan and if you have greater needs you can opt for the Pro Plan or the Pro Plus Plan. The Pro Plan allows for lifetime storage as well as large files of 4GB and an allowance of 100GB per month at $8.99 per month. The Pro Plus Plan is $19.99 per month with superfast upload and download speeds and single large files of up to 10GB can be sent at once with a 300GB sending capacity per month. The storage facility on this plan is also lifetime.



TransferBigFiles does what it says; you can transfer large files and it has a free plan option as well as three other paid options. The free plan allows downloaded files to be available for download for five days before it expires and the files to be sent can be up to 100MB per one send. The Personal Plan is $5, Team Plan is $15, and the Business is $50 per month.

We Transfer has many great features allowing you with a free plan to send files up to 2 GB at once and also as often as you wish with no monthly limits. Another great free feature is the ability you have to send that single large files for 20 different people at once. The free plan requires no registration, and is simple and secure while the Plus plan offer you the following in addition: you can show your own backgrounds, additional transfer protection supersized transfers and more.



Dropbox is extremely popular and also features three different plans, which are Free, Pro, and Business. The free drop box allows for 2GB free online storage, file sharing, and if you need extra space and features the Pro plans start at $9.99 per month for file sharing of 100GB, 200GB or 500GB. A business plan offers superior features such as admin tools and centralized billing and the plan start at 1TB for five users. Dropbox has outstanding support in terms of its third party and first-party apps.



This file sharing and transfer is much as Drop Box but it also allow for synchronizing your files to the cloud. The lowest plan option is the monthly $7.49 plan with file sharing and transfers of 60GB and allows for access across any device with automatic storage and back up in the cloud and other great features.


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