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How much Internet Do Canadians Use?

It won’t be a bigger problem to find one video game lover ....

It might come as a surprise to you when hearing that Canadians are one of the countries who boast with the highest number of Internet addicts. According to popular comScore Canada the recent survey on Internet users across the world, show that Canadians spend more time online and visit more websites than their counterparts in other parts in the world.

ComScore followed the trend during 2014 during an online study on Internet use in Canada with the use of smartphones predominant during 2014. After the addition of watching video the numbers in Canada continuously rise in time spent online.

When compared to other countries who also spend a lot of time browsing the web comScore came to the accurate conclusion Canadians spend 36.3 hours on average online per month with an average of 80 websites visited per month. When compared to other countries the numbers look as follows:

  • Canada with an average of 36.3 online hours
  • The United States with their compatriots and women spending 35.2 online hours per month
  • Italy with the average users spending 33.5 hours online
  • Britons are fourth with spending 33 hours online

The Internet users in Canada again showed up after the recent study in 2015 why they are the world’s biggest Internet users. Recently Russian users crept just past Canada with the first place in Internet users, but it furthermore revealed that the average Canadian stay online at a singular website for longer than the other county’s users. The average page number that the Canadians visit per month is just behind the Russian’s number at 3,238, although they stay online for longer.

Over the last year alone, the Canadian mobile subscribers rose with five percent with over 24 million subscribers

Smartphone’s, Tablets and Desktops Various Uses

Mobile users using their smartphones were predominantly for social media, messaging as well as online games. Online shopping is another major attraction for Canadians as well as social media including Twitter, and Snapchat.

Looking at tablet use in Canada users varied the use more to taking pictures and managing of pictures, listening to online radio and visiting social media accounts.

The use of desktops are not as prevalent with a slow rise in a number of users at only one percent increase although desktops are still using predominantly for online shopping, sports and news online.

Video Use

Canadians love video watching, online videos as it shows an increase of 36 percent over a short period. Looking at the number break down; Canadians report that they watch TV programs with around 43 percent users watching online TV. Another 38 percent report that they watch online news, while 36 percent of Canada watch music videos or entertainment.

The Americans watch 5.1 hours less than the Canadians do when it comes to video time with more Canadian having access to online video than the Americans.


According to the comScore report it is the fast Internet service from companies such as that allows the Canadians longer and better online pleasure as well as the technology advancement of large-screen devices and longer video content that are available to users.


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