Business Phone


Followtel® Business Phone functions similarly to a regular phone using the Internet to make a call. You simply pick up the telephone handset and dial any number you wish. You can access any landline phones, cellular phones, and VoIP phones, as well as receiving calls from anyone anywhere in the world.
Unlimited calls allow you to make as many calls to any landlines or cell numbers in your local area. You can even take it with you to any countries as long as you have high speed Internet access.

With your chosen phone plan, comes unlimited calls to any phone numbers within that area. To clarify, with the Canada Wide plan for instance, you would be able to call any numbers within Canada at no extra cost. Besides, you can benefit from all our great free available features and low international rates.

When you require more than just a phone number and dial tone, FollowTel® gives your business access to advanced features like auto-attendant, dial-by-name directory, voicemail, and music on hold, call forwarding, and so much more; all included at one low monthly price.
With FollowTel®, Keep your phone and/or fax number or choose a new number from any area codes in the US and Canada or other parts of the world.



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  • Toronto, Durham, Halton, Peel
    and York




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  • Consisting of ten provinces and three territories




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  • Consisting of all USA , Canada and Mexico


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