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We are a bunch of computer, electronic and telecommunication engineers who love technology specifically the technologies related to all aspects of internet.

Our mission is to help Canadians enjoy their life when they are at home or work. We seek to improve our technology, our services and our features, and we hope to do so through the development of an ongoing communication with our customers about what they want, what they would like and how we can better serve them.


Followtel is a Toronto-based

Followtel is a Toronto-based Canadian company, which offers a unique entertainment portal to Canadian consumers that combines conventional and specialty TV channels with access to internet. Followtel also offers the high-speed internet that consumers need to enjoy our TV content and other products at home.

Followtel lowest price

Followtel also offers business and home phones with lowest price and highest quality. Other products such as Home Automation/Hosted PBX/Video Surveillance and Rack collocation also are being done in this fast paste company.

Folowtel started in 2007

Folowtel started in 2007 with a solution for delivering home phones and long distance. If there is something we are not doing right, we want to know about it, and we will fix it. If there is something we can do better, let us know and we will improve it.


Together we will make the personal entertainment experience as good as possible.
The Followtel Team