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What Is Video Surveillance?

Video Surveillance is the monitoring system to monitor the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them from a distance by CCTV cameras; This monitoring can be observed by computer, smart phones, tablets or all other devices which have the Internet and an LCD.


What Do You Want?

Do you want to monitor the behaviors, activities or other changing information in your area with HD quality? Do you need to protect your property more? We can do it for you. We install the video cameras then analyze your videos and store them for further requests. Systems are computer based and can be monitored on Smart phones and tablets online as well. Please contact us for price and installation process.


A video surveillance system offers the possibility of visual surveillance while the observer is not directly on site. Surveillance may be performed not only directly but may also be stored, evaluated and repeated as often as necessary. Video technology may be used among others for control and regulation purposes (traffic regulation, production control, quality assurance).

A video surveillance system basically comprises the components:


Control/Recording Unit

Output Interface (e.g. monitor)

Each single component as well as their connections (cables, junction box, switches, etc.) have an influence on the image quality and shall therefore be compatible in order to ensure successful interaction.


  • Computer-based security camera systems
  • Internet online viewing ( live streaming ) on Computer & Smart Phone
  • Video mulitplexers
  • Digital video recording ( DVR )
  • Color, b/w & low light enhanced security cameras
  • High-speed pan and tilt domes security cameras
  • Local Area Network ( LAN ) video system


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