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PBX Services

The admin that controls The PBX devices can have complete control over the device by special software’s with advanced security. Not only the calls can be monitored but they can also be switched, shared, recorded and be connected to other PBX devices so the connection increases with more monitoring and precise security.

Ease of use

Advanced IP-PBX features

Digital Receptionist

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National Coverage


PBX is a connection device mostly used in enterprises. With its Switching capabilities it provides local phone connections to the clients inside the building which allows them to communicate to each other.

With its USB ports, phone calls and other Phone Connections can be monitored and recorded for later use. PBX devices can be connected to switches to extend the connections while more monitoring can be provided.

PBX devices can vary in sizes and amount of connections. It can control thousands of connections by its ports. As technology continues, the number of connections increases.

PBX also allows them to have a certain amount of external connection so clients can connect (by phone) to other people outside the building.

I can connect both analog (telephone jack) and Ethernet (IP phones) devices.